TRANSFORM Your Business With Marketing Automation


We attract your ideal prospects using a great offer and promote on Social Media, Organic outreach, and Paid Advertising. 


We engage conversation using our proven follow-up system that moves your prospect along the buyers journey.


We get you more qualified appointments for your sales team to convert into paying clients.

Full Stack AI Digital Marketing Agency


94% of Customers will seach online before they make a purchase. So if you’re not on page #1 of Google, you are missing out on 85% of the traffic. Find out how we can get you to page #1 of Google Today!

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Google Ads

Are you paying for clicks but not seeing any results? Find out more about our Strategic Adwords Campaigns to increase your traffic sales & profit.

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Facebook Ads

13 Million Australians are logging on to Facebook each and every month! Dont miss out on tapping into this huge market of your prospects with one of the worlds most sophisticated targeting system.

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Instagram Ads

Over 60% of people say they use Instagram to find new products, while a massive 80% follow at least one business on the platform. Find out how you can use instagram to increase your sales.

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Linkedin has the highest consumer buying power index of all the social networks. For B2B Marketing over 80% of their leads come from Linkedin.

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We’ll Transform your website into a high-performance marketing machines that captures leads, nurtures them and generates sales on autopilot.

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Sales Funnels

Our high-converting Sales Funnels are handcrafted by some of the worlds best direct response and online marketers, not ‘web designers’ who’s goal is to make things look pretty.

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Lead Nurture

Are you getting loads of leads into your business but you don’t have a proven strategy to convert them into paying clients? Let us take care of the lead-to-customer nurture process for you!

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Michael has exceeded our expectations in terms of
 Marketing for our company. We’ve been able to reach out to our ideal prospects, and the follow up from Michael and his team has been fantastic!

Douglas Townsend

CEO – Markstone Group Pty Ltd

Marketing Automation FAQs

What is Sales & Marketing Automation?

Setting up a sales & marketing automation system allows you to integrate your business with advanced marketing technology and provide your prospective buyers with multiple touch points with your brand. We use personalised Emails, SMS, Facebook Messenger and Voicemail follow-ups that allow you to warm your prospects up with high value content that engages them to take the next step to working with you.

Why do I need Marketing Automation?

Did you know that in 2019 a brand would need on average 14 touch points before a prospect would make a decision to engage with your company? In 2021 that number has risen to well over 20+ touch points. Now to think that we could achieve this amount of follow-up manually is absurd… Imagine trying to manually follow-up with every lead in your database over 20 times just to get them to say yes to you. The alternative would be to integrate your business with a sophisticated marketing automation follow-up process that moves your prospect along the buyers journey, so they are educated and excited to speak with you.

How do you attract hot leads with marketing automation?

In any given marketing there are on average 3% of prospects that are in “decision making mode” and ready to invest in fixing their problem now. There are also another 20% of prospects in research mode. Meaning that they aren’t quite ready to buy just yet, but with the right high value content and personalised follow-up we can position your brand as the industry leader, so that your business stays top of mind when it comes to making a decision to buy.

How are you different from other Marketing Companies?

As a business owner you’re probably inundated by marketing companies promising to get you to the first page of Google or run advertising campaigns without a real strategy to nurture and qualify leads for you. Rankings and likes on social media simply do not pay the bills! Most businesses are leaving a lot of revenue on the table due to having a poor sales management process. Let’s take the industry average 30% conversion rate for a qualified lead. That means that whilst your business may be doing “okay” you are actually missing out on the remaining 70% of qualified customers that are taking their business elsewhere. Imagine if we were able to build so much desire for your products & services your customers were already sold on your business, before ever having to speak to anyone. Powerful!

Which tools are the best in effective marketing automation?

This is one of the major competitive advantages you will have by partnering with us. We use an in-house propriety tool that allows you to completely manage your entire database, nurture your leads, setup appointments, SMS & email follow-ups and much more! Our sophisticated marketing automation system will also help manage your sales teams follow-up. All this magic happens inside the Online Formula™ App, with a beautifully designed dashboard allowing you to analyse every-stage of your new business opportunities.

Will automation work for small or medium size business?

Of course! Automation is not just for large enterprise companies. Our process is designed to give you more revenue by leveraging marketing technology to nurture and educate your leads into, well informed, well educated HOT buyers… we can also integrate with your sales team to assist them with their follow-up process.

What is an inbound marketing campaign?

Imagine if you never had to worry about prospecting or looking for new customers for your business again! Instead you have a sophisticated and automated marketing strategy that attracts your ideal customers every day on autopilot, then takes those prospects through a series of follow-up sequences, emails, trainings, high value content offers etc… to warm them up to booking a time to speak with you, and being sold on your solution before they even get a chance to speak with you. Turning your sales team into “order-takers”.

How do you manage my sales team's follow-up?

This is the fun part! We absolutely LOVE working with sales teams as we know they are the life blood of your company. However, often times sales people can be inundated with new leads, and their regular day-to-day activities and speaking to new prospects that they forget to follow-up with customers. As they say… “the money is in the follow-up”. In fact according to the (NSEA) National Sales Executive Association, a whopping 90% of sales are made after the 5th contact!
This can be a hard pill to swallow if your sales team only follows-up 1-2 times… or even worse don’t follow-up at all! In this day and age, you must have a structured follow-up process to maximise every single qualified opportunity. We manage your sales team and sales process by sending customised email and SMS follow-ups on proposals sent, inactive prospects, lost opportunities, and much more! This allows prospects to engage with your company bringing you one step closer to a new customer.

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