You’ve finally received your coaching certification, have set up your coaching business and are ready to start helping people, but now you’re faced with another set of challenges. One being that you might not know exactly where to start when it comes to finding the people who could benefit from your services.

If you’re struggling to find new clients or are looking to grow your business by adding more clients to it, then keep reading below for 7 ways to achieve those goals.

1 Target & Do

Figure out what your niche is by looking back at the challenges you’ve enjoyed tackling in the past and the types of clients that you’ve had previous success with. This will give you a better idea of what sort of people you want to attract into your business and allow you to start taking action on it.

You can attract your desired target by writing on topics that are relevant to your niche, by speaking at events, and by adding value to their lives by providing quality content or by creating presentations.

2 Get On A Stage

A great way to gain credibility and to showcase your expertise is to get on a stage and to speak to your audience about your industry. By getting onto that stage in front of a group of people, as a host or a presenter, you’ll be positioning yourself as an expert within your own niche.

Hosting or presenting in front of a group of people will also allow those people to see firsthand what sort of value you could bring to them and therefore encourage them to want to learn more from you.

3 Network Within Your Industry

Find events in your area that are relevant to your field and start networking! Speaking to someone face-to-face will make it so much easier to gain their trust and to build the foundation for a strong potential business relationship.

You should also find coaching events to go to as well. Your competitors do not have to be your enemies. In fact, you should make an effort to connect with other coaches within your industry, because by doing so you could actually start referring clients to one another. This is a win-win for both parties because you’ll be gaining exposure to an audience you might not have had the opportunity to reach otherwise.

4 Create A Video

Create an authentic video which explains how your coaching services could change the lives of anyone who decides to invest their time and money with you. Having a video will allow your viewers to see your mannerisms, hear your voice and get a better sense of your coaching style.

It doesn’t need to be a long video, it just needs to be clear, honest and it needs to resonate with your audience.

5 Become The Coach You Would Hire

Practice what you preach and make sure you’re living in line with your values. Stand out by being someone that people can look up to because you have strong morals, integrity and are truly living the life that you’re preaching to your followers.

6 Nurture Your Contact List

Be consistent when it comes to nurturing your contact list. For example, you could create free and valuable content that you can email out to your mailing list once every month. This will allow you to keep in touch with your readers and even possibly help you to convert readers into clients.

7 Help First, Get Paid Second

Don’t start your business with the mindset of solely wanting to rack in the big bucks, because I’ll be honest with you now and tell you that that won’t happen right away. Take the time to build up trust and strong relationships with your potential customers rather than focusing on making loads of cash quick.

Offer free and valuable content such as a short video series, webinars, or ebooks to attract potential clients. Once you’ve proven to them that you’re a credible and valuable resource, then they will feel much more confident when it comes to investing their money with you.