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All You Need to Know About Running Virtual Events in 2022

Virtual events are no doubt here to stay. Virtual events, as opposed to the traditional in-person gatherings, allow for businesses of all types and sizes to organize events on a global scale and provide a direct one-to-one measurement. What should your virtual event strategy in 2022 look like? It’s becoming apparent that more and more..

7 Ways to Get More Coaching Clients

You’ve finally received your coaching certification, have set up your coaching business and are ready to start helping people, but now you’re faced with another set of challenges. One being that you might not know exactly where to start when it comes to finding the people who could benefit from your services. If you’re struggling..

How To Run A Successful Seminar

Seminars are an excellent place for businesses to spread awareness of their products or services to a targeted group of customers or industry partners. Companies can educate their potential clients on their business model and services, as well as to market themselves through handouts, entertainment or simply by providing valuable information during these events. Whether..

How to get Raving Fans

Raving fans, brand advocates, happy customers. Whatever you call them, we all want customers to be our mouthpiece and keenly declare openly how much they love our business. As much as these external cheerleaders matter – and they matter greatly –  how do you gain massive loyalty from your customers? 1.  Get to know your..

9 Ways to Grow Your Coaching Business

You don’t need a huge budget to successfully grow your coaching business.  What you need is to be consistent with your marketing. When I say marketing, I don’t mean all those paid advertisements that you might think you need to invest loads of money into. I’m talking about the more alternative and low-cost marketing methods..

How to Start a Coaching Business

If you’re someone who enjoys working with people and helping them to achieve their goals, then going into the coaching business might be the right path for you. One of the great things about starting a coaching business is that with today’s technology, you can do it from virtually anywhere in the world and you..