You don’t need a huge budget to successfully grow your coaching business.  What you need is to be consistent with your marketing. When I say marketing, I don’t mean all those paid advertisements that you might think you need to invest loads of money into. I’m talking about the more alternative and low-cost marketing methods which you can use and which I will share with you today.

1 Be A Guest Blogger

One of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise or knowledge in your particular field is to publish posts on existing blogs that already have a strong following and loyal readers. By doing this, you will be exposing yourself to a group of people within your industry that you may not have had access to before. You can refer readers from your guest blogs to your own blog or website when you’ve developed your own following.

2 Get Interviewed

Find a media channel that’s most suitable for you and start doing interviews. These channels could be through Facebook Live, Instagram Live, news channels, YouTube, or podcasts. This is a great way to reach into new audiences and to establish yourself as an expert in your niche.

Doing an interview won’t cost you anything but your time, so it is definitely worth a shot.

3 Interview Industry Experts

Featuring industry experts within your field can really help to boost your credibility and brand just by association. You should choose a platform and personally reach out to these specialists and ask them if you can feature them in one of your upcoming blogs, videos or podcasts.

4 Personal Outreach

People love it when you make them feel like they’re special. Consider creating personal and handcrafted messages to key prospects or influencers that you want to reach out to. It’s pretty simple to do as you can use your social media channels, email or phone to do it.

By being more personal, you’ll increase your chances of getting a response from that person.

5 Ask For Referrals

Word-of-mouth advertising is one of my favorite marketing techniques, just because it’s so efficient and low-cost. Referrals are essentially an introduction to potential clients from your own customers, friends, colleagues or family.

Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals from your customers. If they’re happy with your services, then they won’t have an issue with referring you to other people who might also have a need for what you have to offer. Most people won’t receive referrals because they don’t ask for it, but you’ll find that a lot of people are happy to provide them when asked.

6 Attend Events

Do your research and find events related to your industry and attend them regularly. Events are one of the best places to network and engage with potential clients, and are great for you’re looking to expand your professional network.

Meet and speak to as many people as you can, dish out your name cards and make sure you leave a great first impression!

7 Be A Speaker

Being a speaker at an event is another excellent way to showcase your knowledge within your niche, as well as to boost brand awareness for your company. I really recommend trying out public speaking as it will help you to identify your prospects and it will help you to establish more authority.

8 Write A Book

Books are a source of information and expertise, so should consider creating your own book around your specialized niche. If your expertise is on online business coaching and you’re services are catered towards helping people set-up their own online businesses, then that’s what you can write your book about.

9 Host Events

Consider hosting a small event or seminar that is themed around the industry you’re currently in. It’s the perfect opportunity to provide knowledge and value to your potential clients, while also doing some networking with people with your same interests.