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2022 Digital Marketing Trends for Your Online Business

The COVID-19 pandemic that rocked 2021 has definitely and immensely affected how businesses operate. We’ve witnessed more products and services move online and a lot of employees will keep on working remotely or in a hybrid mode for much of next year. Months of different customers’ responses to COVID-19 have provided us some insights into..

How to get Raving Fans

Raving fans, brand advocates, happy customers. Whatever you call them, we all want customers to be our mouthpiece and keenly declare openly how much they love our business. As much as these external cheerleaders matter – and they matter greatly –  how do you gain massive loyalty from your customers? 1.  Get to know your..

Everything you Need to Know About Sales Funnels

 A sales funnel is each stage a person goes through to become your customer. Each of the funnel stages affects consumer behavior significantly, so you need to understand them intimately. Understanding each step affords you the opportunity to strategically exploit them to size up the number of people that eventually turn customers. This can have..