Raving fans, brand advocates, happy customers. Whatever you call them, we all want customers to be our mouthpiece and keenly declare openly how much they love our business.

As much as these external cheerleaders matter – and they matter greatly –  how do you gain massive loyalty from your customers?

1.  Get to know your customers

The best way to get raving fans out of your customers is to go out of your way to know them than your competitors. That’s the only way you can connect with them to discover their pain points and learn ways on how your products or services can solve their problems.

2.  Fulfill your obligations

This is simply doing what you promised a customer. Companies who make promises they know they’d never fulfill just to gain clients often end up packing up. The best way to get raving fan customers is to keep those promises and agreements.

3.  Provide more than expected

There is always a need to promote your goods or service, but to convert your potential audience into customers and in turn change customers into raving fans, you need to offer a little more value than expected.

Surprise and charm them with extra value, and they’ll pay back in kind, telling stories of your great service with their friends and connections – who surely will become your next customers.

4.  Keep your customers informed

Ensure you bring to your customer’s to notice information regarding any development in your business.

5.  Give rewards

Utilize your customer data to know those who regularly patronize your business and refer others; these are customers who are dedicated. To keep them, let them know how much you appreciate them. Offer them great discounts, special offers, and other benefits to ensure you don’t lose them.

6.  Accept and rectify problems

If you ignore customer complaints or questions they will avoid your business. Fulfilling your commitments, informing your customers on what can/should be done, and staying consistent will keep them patronizing your business. 

There is a possibility that they will tell friends how satisfactorily you addressed their issues, getting you more customers.

7. Practice great customer service

Make sure everyone in your company is on board with your plan, and see to it they practice it as well. Find an ideology that allows everyone in your company to meet customer needs and ensure everyone in your company gets trained.

Try these tips get raving fan customers and watch your business grow through customer advocacy and loyalty.