In an ideal world, our customers would come across our product, fall in love with it and purchase from us in a heartbeat. In the real world, this rarely happens.

In fact, almost all customers go through a long customer journey (long decision-making process) before committing to any products or services offered. There are a few things you can do to speed up this process and to gain the trust of potential customers.

One of the most effective methods to achieving more business and trust from your potential customers is to offer irresistible lead magnets. Lead magnets are essentially free downloadable content that you would offer to visitors on your site in turn for their contact information. By doing this, you can build up your email list and most importantly, give future clients the opportunity to test out your product and to gain their trust, thus ultimately encouraging them to purchase with you.

There’s really no ideal lead magnet format for any particular niche or business. Each and every visitor will prefer different things; some may prefer a webinar or an ebook, while others might want to see a video. There’s no right or wrong here, so just test out different lead magnet ideas and see what works best with your audience.

Keep reading below for my 3 tips on creating irresistible lead magnets.

1 Ebooks

Ebooks are one of the best lead magnets out there. They’re packed full with information and value that is related to your niche and will satisfy your audience’s needs and interests — which is exactly what you need when trying to get more clients. One of the best things about having an ebook as your lead magnet is that they don’t need to be very long in order to be valuable to your readers. You can stick to only having a few short chapters if you’re short on time!

This is also a great way to build trust with your potential customers, as you can place yourself as a credible source by sharing your knowledge with your audience. Ebooks are also great for building up an email list!

2 Video Series

Creating a video series which directly relates to your industry will provide you with valuable content that you can offer to potential customers and serves as the perfect lead magnet.

There are so many things that you can do with a video series. You could create a series which focuses on one of the main issues that your audience may be facing within your industry. You can add in tips and different insight into your videos to keep your audience’s attention and to keep them wanting more. The more time they invest in watching your video series, the more likely they’ll invest in your product or service.

Your video series don’t have to be a long series and can be just 3 different videos that are less than 5 minutes long. An idea for these series could be on how to market your business, marketing tips, and tricks, or a series on how to create intriguing videos.

3 Case Studies

Show your audience how your company can solve problems by using a practical and data-driven lead magnet format — case studies.

Consider the different challenges your company may have faced in the past and explain in full detail how you solved those problems. You should also be clear about who you provided a solution to and what the end result of it was.

Let’s say, for example, you’ve launched Facebook advertisements with the goal of converting visitors into customers, and you’ve received decent engagement but absolutely no conversions. You should describe what you did to get to the bottom of the problem and what techniques you used to solve that particular issue.