Launching any new business or program can be daunting. I’m sure you’ve probably heard numerous stories about how it can play out; you’ll either have heard of fantastic success stories or have heard of some scary not so good turnouts.

It might feel overwhelming, and you might start thinking of it as too big of an investment, too much risk or work, and it’s completely okay to feel like you’re a bit in over your head. New launches can be a stressful thing, but if you put in the effort towards launching your new program or service in the right way, you can make a positive difference to your results. I’ve compiled a short list of a few things you can do to make launching your coaching program an easier task.

Be Strategic & Plan It Out

A launch is definitely not something you should apply the whole “just wing-it” saying to. This sort of thing needs to be adequately planned out; otherwise you might end up wasting a whole lot of time and money on something that won’t pull in the results you were wanting.

Give yourself time to map out a strategic plan that suits your business model and your desired audience group. It’s essential that you can see where you are in the process and where you’re wanting to go, and this is where mapping out a good strategy will help.

While laying down your plan, you should consider what kind of journey you want to take your clients on throughout their time with you. Ask yourself, what would be the best experience for them and how would you help them to achieve that experience?

Connect With Your Community

Reaching out to new people can be a bit awkward sometimes and not all that fun. However, this is a process that you can’t avoid. To have a successful coaching business, you need to have clients and to have that, you will need to build a strong community of your own people.

You’re about to launch your new program, so hype it up to people you think would be interested in the services you’re offering. Don’t be afraid to connect with them! Tell them about the new launch, engage with people by using surveys or different call to actions. If you’re running promotions for the new launch, then make sure to market that and make those offers to potential clients.

You need to make yourself known in the community, and that will only work if you make an effort to reach out and connect with people.

Don’t forget that building strong relationships is key to a successful business. Without the trust and loyalty of your customers, your business won’t run for very long. Consider taking actions that allow your potential clients to get to know the real you. You could do this by running live videos on Instagram and Facebook. You should share your own experiences and challenges with your audience so that they are able to relate to you.

Create A Launch Theme

Create a theme for your new launch that will align with your paid offer. For example, if you’re launching a coaching program focused on health, then the concept of the launch could be around loving and taking care of one’s body.

During the launch, you can share your own personal experiences and challenges and offer some free tips and content that could encourage your potential clients to love themselves more and to take care of their health and body! When it comes time for you to offer your paid services, you can invite them to join your coaching program. This would be where you would hook them in by providing them with more exclusive content, more one-on-one time with personal support throughout the process of loving themselves and their bodies.

This is just one idea for one specific coaching program. You can use any sort of theme that fits into the program you’re offering.